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About Esmeraldas

Esmeraldas, got it´s name back in 1526 when Europeans touched down on Ecuadorian soil they were amazed to discover Indians festooned in emeralds anticipating them on shore,Persuaded that the area was bounteous in the splendid diamonds, they named it Esmeraldas. Today the province is also referred to as the “Green Region” with the lack of emeralds it certainly makes up for with it´s mangroves tropical rain forests and hidden beauty some areas only accessible by kyak the river Canande also provides you with a unique experience with it´s rare wildlife one species being the great green Macaw also boasting crystal clear waters and surrounding waterfalls.
Atacames the coastal beach town also relishes in local history going back to 1553 when a ship initially travelling from Panama to Peru carrying slaves of African origin became stranded off the Esmeraldas coast giving these slaves an opportunity to escape, a number of 25 successfully escaped. Years later descendants of the former slaves along with more escapees became a community thus developing the lands that you see today mixing with other groups of people. The population of Atacames today is made up by a large proportion of Afro Ecuadorians.
Atacames is also renowned for it´s night life you can expect to hear a wide range of music such as Salsa,Reggaeton and merengue while enjoying the local Brazilian drink made from sugar cane lime and ice called “caipirinas”
Esmeraldas is also famous for the talented footballers that have came from the region over the years playing for the national side some you hear of today playing in parts of Europe