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About Napo

From the eastern inclines of the Andes mountains the river Napo flows eastwards down to the Peruvian border, which is then directed further south joining into the Amazonian river

Tena, the capital of the Napo Territory, is a city in the Amazon rainforest. Known as the “cinnamon capital” of Ecuador. Kayaking and rafting tours are very popular Tena being the popular launching spot. The passage to the city is set apart by a statue of the indigenous saint Jumandy, who drove an uprising against the Spanish colonizers in 1578 and was in this manner executed.

Being located at the edge of the Andes tena is surrounded by forested terrain. In the sumaco Napo Galeras national park is where you will find the Sumaco volcano standing tall above the jungle which has preserved the lands for many years keeping most humans away it is encompassed by sharp gorges and thick jungle wilderness.to explore this area a guide is most definitely required.

North of Tena lies an underground cave system that stretches to over 7 km known as the  Cuevas de Jumandy said to be where ancient incas escaped from it´s spanish conquestors.