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About Guayas

The Guayas Region is home to Guayaquil, Ecuador’s biggest city and boss port. Guayaquil’s Puerto Marítimo opened in 1964 and now handles roughly 90% of Ecuador’s imports and about half of its fares. Known more for its business ability than as an excursion spot,

Guayaquil has a tropical wet and dry/ savanna climate warm, and occasionally humid temperatures all year round the dry season june to september it is slightly cooler which attracts the likes of Dolphins and Whales on the inner coast line a great tourist spot .

The way of life of cocoa in Ecuador is profound established and the history discloses to us that when the Spaniards arrived, these trees were at that point in the Pacific Drift, and cocoa was subsequently all around moored in this area much sooner than the entry of the European.

Today there are a few sorts of cocoa developed in Ecuador, yet the assortment known under the name of “Nacional” is the most well known among the chocolate producers, for the nature of its grain and its definitive fragrances.  The Arriba name, incorporates Nacional beans sourced in parts of the Area of Guayas, the Territory of Los Ríos and a little portion of the Region of Bolívar, but the arriba bean is believed to originate from the rio in Guayas that leads to the port today, Arriba el Rio ¨up the river¨ was the area described many years ago for where you will source the best Cacao.