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About El Oro

El Oro extends from Guayaquil to the Peruvian outskirt. Considered by numerous as simply route station amongst Ecuador and Peru, named El Oro primarily for it´s historical gold production, but today you will find that Machela the capital is one of the worlds leading banana exporters,

El Oro is divided into 14 sections a few to name are  the Petrified forest of the Puyango river once believed to be under water years ago as a result you can see fossilized marine life and trees,with an array of over 130 bird species. The Jambeli islands a tourist attraction travelling by boat through the mangroves surrounding the waters at either side….

and also the island of santa clara being a wildlife reserve housing many sea birds such as the pelican and the blue footed boobie, Hump back Whales and bottle nosed dolphins can be spotted June to september months, but at low tide the rocks resemble what can be described as a body named by the natives as the isla of the dead where they would conduct funeral ceremonies offering their dead t the gods.

Although El Oro´s economy has mainly been from exporting the likes of bananas and shrimp it is also important to note the Cacao and Coffee that is also grown here in various hidden locations.